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We’re thrilled you’re interested in our work! When we first launched Voices of Equity, we acknowledged that the word “equity” often comes with two distinct associations:

  1. The principle of justice
  2. The accumulation of financial assets

We believe that true equity is fundamentally both. Our initial research highlighted several ways in which financial inequity can lead to a sense of injustice – Black Americans, for example, report higher incidences of being fired from jobs and being passed over for a promotion. And they’re less likely to have their work complimented. Curious to read more? 

One thing that was clear in our initial research. We’re not all starting from the same place when it comes to DEI conversation. We have different emotional and experiential starting points. We often lack a shared vocabulary, with common definitions. We use different platforms to communicate and advocate. Our initial study found, for example, that Boomers tend not to use hashtags to advocate for social causes. And that Black Americans aren’t united behind #DefundthePolice.


We’re not afraid to lean into the multi-dimensional definitions and difficult conversations required to achieve equity in America. But we know those conversations can be difficult and divisive when not handled with care. That’s why we’re launching the Voices of Equity initiative with Words Matter, a groundbreaking study that will:
  •  Identify best (and worst) practices for speaking about topics like DEI and Black Lives Matter
  • Highlight how businesses can accelerate positive change through more effective language and communication with employees and consumers alike
  • Illuminate where well-intentioned yet poorly informed DEI and advocacy efforts can mistakenly backfire and curtail progress
This comprehensive initiative includes four stages of research – a vocabulary anthropology exploration, small group video discussions, a literature review with expert in-depth-interviews, and a large-scale language validation. And because any skill takes practice, Words Matter includes professional development resources like digital learning tools and interactive webinars to help organizations put their insights into practice. To learn more about Words Matter and our upcoming equity work, schedule a conversation with us.