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The Multicultural Insights Collective presents Voices of Equity COLLECTIVE COLLABORATION Led by a coalition of predominantly women-and minority-owned business founders with extensive experience in research, diversity, multiculturalism, and management. RESEARCH-BASED INSIGHTS Ongoing new research on a wide range of relevant topics including: the language & vocabulary of diversity, mental models toward representation, the gap between business operations and business DEI objectives, and generational attitudes toward DEI

Introducing Voices of Equity, an extraordinary initiative combining disciplined research with professional development resources to inspire positive change around diversity, equity, and inclusion. Our guiding principle is a belief that addressing discrimination is a critical business imperative.

Voices of Equity’s research-based programs are designed to build foundational knowledge that helps organizations act nimbly and thoughtfully in remedying discrimination and championing representation. Our goal? Catalyzing meaningful and effective action toward equity and justice.

Who We Are

Voices of Equity is an initiative from the Multicultural Insights Collective, a diverse community of business owners and professionals in research and higher education.


The Black Lives Matter movement has led brands to take immediate action on racial justice – from shelving legacy brands to committing millions of dollars toward racial equity. But these well-intentioned efforts have often been inconsistent and confusing to consumers, with tweets backfiring and committed dollars having no directed purpose. How can brands be more prepared and disciplined in their pursuit of equity and justice?

Real impact starts with learning how to talk about this subject. Words Matter – our inaugural project – focuses on the language of DEI and building a foundation for communication. And that’s just the beginning – our 2021 roadmap includes topics like:

  • Understanding mental models, attitudes, and mindsets toward DEI
  • Recognizing the emotional and psychological effect of non-dominance
  • Closing the gap between consumer expectations and brand behaviors

Equity Insights

#BlackLivesMatter. #DefundthePolice. #MeToo.

We’ve heard the hashtags. But most Americans don’t use them.

The language of advocacy is peppered with well-intentioned hashtags. Yet many Americans don’t advocate for social justice through hashtags. Our latest report explores the benefits and setbacks of hashtag advocacy.

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